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21 Dec

Better is the mouthful-sized brioche filled with onion cream and crispy onion on top, although it’s oddly warmer in the middle than on the outside.

After the yolk there’s a beautiful plate of lobster with fluffy sweetcorn puree dotted with nutty shards of crispy chicken skin.

Perfect for an intimate lunch or dinner, we still have space for all of life’s celebrations.

The extensive menu with its exciting combinations of dishes ranging from re-interpreted classics to modern flavours is sure to tempt your taste buds.

The yolk is the first of four courses and a couple of snacks come before it.

There’s a bowl of seaweed scratchings which taste like a prawn cracker with a sprinkling of dried briny green on it.

Danni Barry is a talented cook and Michael Deane is a shrewd businessman who’s given her a big blingy room in which to shine.

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Her tour also led us through a replica Cahuilla Indian village - the tribe settled in this area many centuries ago. It's a tribute to private giving (there are signs everywhere naming the rich local benefactors), the efforts of volunteers and the work of experts who have saved threatened desert animals and plants.We get back on track with the next course, pieces of tongue-pink Loire valley pigeon breast sliced into chip-sized wedges and balanced on molasses caramelised carrots.There’s a lovely pre-dessert, which I enjoy more than the dessert.I got over myself and got to like the city, not least because of the chutzpah and ambition of its food scene.There are a few wrinkles that need ironing but Eipic feels like a promising addition to that scene.