Shanghai dating men for men

20 Jan

Having said that, I believe what I’m about to say does apply to a large number of people in Shanghai. that many young Chinese women looking to have long-term relationships with Western guys are going to fail. One practical reason is that there aren’t enough Western guys here to meet the demand (not a bad problem to have if you’re a Western guy).I’m basing this on what I’ve seen (and experienced firsthand) in nearly four years here. Another is that Western guys tend to come to Shanghai for a few years or less, and often have no interest in settling down here.And she is difficult to find, at least among the under 30 age group in Shanghai!That previous point about the language barrier is important too.I’ll just briefly talk about some differences in dating and relationships.In the US, people tend to start dating at an earlier age than in China.If he isn’t a party guy but he happens to meet a party girl, he probably won’t be too interested in her as a serious girlfriend because Western guys usually don’t want to settle down with a girl who drinks and clubs a lot and is easy to take home.A lot of times guys (both Chinese and Western) aren’t even getting to know these girls because they only meet up in noisy clubs where having a conversation is near-impossible.

And, ironically, as soon as some girls finish college their parents want them to get married!But after a while she will probably get bored of my simple Chinese comments. A lot of Western guys who do not take local girls seriously in Shanghai because they either can’t find or aren’t looking for serious relationship contenders.I said at the beginning that “most young Chinese girls looking to have long-term relationships with Western guys are going to fail.” I should clarify…they will fail for now.I also don’t mean to suggest that Chinese women should force themselves to adapt to what a Western guy wants.I think both men and women should make an effort to learn about one another and be willing to change to become better partners.