Chat with bianca

25 Jan

She greatly enjoys being outdoors and traveling in search of adventures, she is also a bit tomboyish and describes herself as "being a bit rough around the edges".

During the 10 years the Hero is taken away into slavery, Bianca and her family went tough hard times and she was then forced to take care of her father, but she kept the dream that someday she'd go on an adventure again.

While wandering around town with the hero, they meet two kids who are bullying a Sabercat Cub.

After some discussion, they agree to give up the cat if they can defeat the ghosts at Uptaten Towers.

While worrying for her children, she still does enjoy the idea that they can all travel together as a family and embraces it fully, if not only for the fact that that way, she can make sure no one harms them.

The Hero and his Father first meet Bianca as a child in Whealbrook.

During that time where she is unable to join him, the Hero goes on a ritual of passage so that he can succeed to the throne of Gotha as tradition demands.

She and her mother are in town getting medicine for her father, but it seems that the man her mother sent to get the medicine has yet to return, the Hero then goes off to rescue the man despite being only six years old..

After the herb-maker is found and the medicine is made and delivered, Pankraz escorts Bianca and her mother back to their home in Roundbeck, accompanied by the young Hero.

Pankraz is thinking of returning, but agrees to stay the night and catches a cold passed to him by Bianca's father, Whitey, and the party is unable to leave.

She is often sought after for her beauty as well, which is commented by both the men in Stockenbarrel and Mostroferrato.

Bianca is a very outspoken, adventurous and even a bit of a romantic.