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27 Mar

The layout references the classic Persian "Chahar Bagh", or Four Square Garden, with cruciform water rills dividing the central space into four quadrants.Each quadrant is paved with white pebble tiles of a very even thickness, so that dining furniture can sit over it without wobbling.A typical London garden flat with a tiny garden area with a Southerly aspect surrounded by low brick walls.My client was very interested in Eastern art and culture; the walls of the flat were decorated with reproductions of Mughal miniatures.

An almost invisible cable-trellis network covers much of the brickwork, ensuring that the climbing plants can be tied in neatly for years to come.Despite its many fascinating qualities, the house was essentially inward looking, and the clients asked me to create a pair of linked "outdoor rooms" for them to use to lounge in the sun or dine in the shade.For design inspiration I turned to the dominant western aesthetic for the period during which much of the constuction of the house took place: the Renaissance.In this respect, Spike Jackson has the advantage of many years experience of the "nuts and bolts" aspect of building gardens, having originally trained in Landscape Construction himself.Our fees for Project Supervision are typically based on a percentage of the agreed project budget, although we are happy to negotiate an hourly rate if this is preferred.