Power vision accommodating iol

07 Mar

some of the studies listed for the March 2014 update in this government review: Committees/Committees Meeting Materials/Medical Devices/Medical Devices Advisory Committee/Ophthalmic Devices Panel/UCM346413Part of the concern I had with the Crystalens was that in some patients the lens does well, but in some it doesn't accommodate, which leaves it effectively being a monofocal lens ( but without things like the correction for chromatic abberation).There is also concern I'd read among some over whether over decades of aging anything would interfere with the physical movement of the lens, something non-accommodating lenses don't require.I had Symfony lenses implanted in both eyes the first week of December.By 1 week postop my uncorrected vision at distance was between 20/15 and 20/20.It seemed like a good bet the image quality for distance would be comparable, and perhaps even better, than a monofocal lens, or an accommodating lens.Although some results for the Crystalens look like it will similarly do well for intermediate while providing some chance at decent near vision, some showed a lower chance of good near, e.g.

The requirement for these lenses is that if they were surgically inserted the airman must be grounded for 3 months and then is followed with a special issuance.My intermediate vision hasn't been tested explicitly but I suspect is at least 20/20.That is based on my subjective sense of it being better than near and because of the design of this lens where visual acuity drops off in a continuous curve from far to near, so intermediate should be around the same as far, definitely better then near.The other thing the Symfony does is to correct for "chromatic aberration", an issue which is discussed in this industry publication which quotes one prominent surgeon noting: Cataract surgery with an IOL with an Abbe number greater than that of the natural lens (47) can improve CA, so that our cataract patients could actually experience better vision quality than they did as young adults." Although the Symfony uses a high Abbe material (I'm assuming its the same Tecnis material that article lists as having a 55 Abbe), it also has other features to to correct for CA to improve image quality.