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09 May

The Bucks might even be cool with the possibility of renting and losing Jordan after this season at a price like this, particularly since Giannis Antetokounmpo is going to grow to 7'9", have x-ray vision and spend all his minutes at center by next season anyway. In related news: Yeah, the Knicks would sooooo do this. More than that, he's a better player than Kanter and would probably help the Knicks win a few more games this year.Los Angeles Clippers Get: Enes Kanter, Doug Mc Dermott New York Knicks Get: De Andre Jordan Sometimes, in the difficult search to justify the illogical, you have to step back and acknowledge that not every team approaches its transactions with the same level of rationality. That'd damage their draft odds, but after a start like this, a full tank is out of the question anyway.For Los Angeles, it gets the chance to spend cash on a 23-year-old center instead of one that'll turn 30 early in free agency this summer.Health could be a concern for Nurkic, but when you price in Jordan's likely age-related decline, it's not a stretch to say the younger big man will be more productive over the next half-decade or so.The Bosnian Beast has yet to prove he can stay healthy, while Jordan has averaged 80.8 games per season dating back to 2012-13.A trade like this also allows Portland—the sixth-highest salary in the league—to avoid Ed Davis' upcoming raise next summer.The schematic fit makes sense, and we know DJ and Dame are adept troublemakers when together.The worry for Portland might be Nurkic improving as he gets into his mid-20s. They're in their primes right now, which is why adding an older player isn't the worst idea. Long term, maybe they'd prefer to ink Jordan to a new deal instead of Nurkic.

Maybe they'd like to hand Jordan a fat new deal (probably while stretching Joakim Noah's).

But if you're the Bucks, you're laughing long and hard at the idea of giving up quality, affordable rotation players for a possible rental whose rim protection you don't actually need that badly. realizes the market for a Jordan rental isn't so hot, maybe this package is enough to make it happen.

At the same time, Milwaukee's bold acquisition of Eric Bledsoe suggests it's not messing around. Maker might be tough to pry from the Bucks, even if his progress this season has been a bit disappointing.

With Blake Griffin locked into a five-year max, Jordan is one of the few ways they can generate flexibility and/or replenish their roster-building assets.

By now, you've heard most of the conventional fits for Jordan.