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15 Jan

On the defensive side of the ball, losing DT Ndamukong Suh to the Miami Dolphins is a huge blow to the defensive line.The team signed former Baltimore Ravens NT Haloti Ngata to help fill that hole, but Suh has been one of the most disruptive forces in all of the NFL ever since he was drafted in 2010 from Nebraska.Cornerback Rashean Mathis is a 13-year veteran who is experienced, but the question will be how much help will he need over the top in man-to-man situations where he has to cover some of the top receivers in the league & does he still have the speed to hang in there.Overall , the Detroit Lions should be an 11-5 team & win the NFC North.The secondary looks to be strong, especially with Glover Quin & Jame Ihedigbo at the safety positions.They are strong playmakers, especially when it comes to making turnovers on a consistent basis.He is being held out of Week 1 against the San Diego Chargers because of an internal issue.He doesn’t need surgery but it has to come into the team’s mind about truly how severe Levy’s injury really is & if he is trying to tough it through because he just signed a new contract extension, showing his dedication to the team, but possibly harming himself in the long term.

Pettigrew has had the case of the drops over the last few seasons & was hampered by injuries last year, but if healthy, physically & mentally, Pettigrew & Ebron can help Stafford have so many weapons in the passing game that it could be very scary in the NFC North & NFC as a whole.As we all remember, the Lions were bounced in the NFC Wildcard Playoffs in January against the Dallas Cowboys.The team didn’t complain for very long, well, not nearly as long as the fans did after the bogus referee calls in the game,. In the offseason, they let go of running back Reggie Bush & drafted Ameer Abdullah from Nebraska.If a rule ever seems to be written rather verbosely, or explain things that seem like common sense, it's the writers trying to stop these guys.The Lawful Stupid Rules Lawyer is incompetent instead of malicious.