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02 Jan

They say their real-life experiences mesh with and confirm the survey's findings."Nothing breaks Cupid's bow like an argument over money," said Melinda Opperman, senior vice president of Springboard, a nonprofit, nationwide credit counseling and financial education organization."I am not at all surprised that someone might consider credit issues when deciding whether to enter a relationship.That is in line with current consumer behaviors." "With respect to 'fixing' a partner's spending habits and attitudes toward debt, it is critical that the subject be addressed openly and honestly," Jones said.

11-13, 2013, by Gf K Roper, a division of Gf K Custom Research North America, on behalf of Credit That's the type of singles ad we'd really place, if we were honest.According to a new Credit survey, attitudes regarding debt loom large over any relationship, and that's especially true for women."It's important for couples to communicate early on in their relationship about their behaviors and attitudes toward money matters.Financing a lifestyle with heavy debt may be fine for one person.