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10 Jan

And I was so excited about it, like, ‘Gosh, can I do this? She set the bar for cool, and thankfully, even when the show ended in 2004, never stopped experimenting. I think we counted that there was eight chopsticks in there. Tarina Tarantino made those chopsticks and I thought they were the coolest thing ever. I was just like 'I'm just dyeing it, I'm just doing it!"We spent the majority of our time together really happy.A quick two spins of Hilary Duff’s new album Dignity, and I was ready for a 10-minute phone interview with the 19-year-old starlet in March 2007. I hate dance music and I’m not a young girl, but I interviewed her once at the Roxy and was impressed with her intelligence and manners, and the lyrics on Dignity were fairly overt. WHAT WERE THE EMOTIONS GOING THROUGH YOUR MIND WHEN YOU SAT DOWN TO PLAN FOR THIS RECORD? The hair is way too organized to be cool now: the placements of the straight and the crimpy hair, and then there's probably all kinds of accessories up here that you just can't see.""This one I've talked about so many times! I did this weird movie with John Cusack in Bulgaria [War, Inc] and I was supposed to have dark hair.My hair girls we're like, 'We're never changing your hair again, no way, you're hair is going to fall off! and he was like 'At first I thought you were a grandma! Then he asked me out on a date and then when I said no, he started asking me for some money.IF YOU WANT TO SPEND YOUR MONEY ON JIMMY CHOO SHOES, GO AHEAD. I felt like people were definitely going to think that that song was about Nicole Richie because of Jimmy Choos, and she was in the ads and all that stuff. You have those Manohlo Blahniks.’ That doesn’t rhyme. ’ He didn’t happen to be that old, but ’74 works better than ’84, you know what I mean? After your long day, you can talk to them about whatever you want to talk about, or whatever.But also it’s nice to only owe yourself your energy, y’know?

There’s a song that I guess People magazine or Us Weekly or something wrote some article that said the song “Gypsy Woman” is about her. My sister [Haylie] and I wrote that song, and it’s about this woman that kinda broke my family apart. It’s kinda like my outlook on the way that some of these talked-about Hollywood people act sometimes, the ones that are always in the magazines, and always doing things, and always getting photographed doing the most scandalous things, and trying to top one another. And it’s not only about people in Hollywood, it’s people that live in L. I just don’t want people to think that I’m hating on them, because I’m really not. I love fashion, I love shopping, but people, it just seems like a lot of them, it’s all they care about.

In a nutshell, Hilary had just split with Joel Madden (her lover since she was 16), who wasted no time hooking up with Nicole Richie and knocking her up. I’ve got this thing that I’m thinking about, and I want it to be about this.” Or, “I went out last night and this happened to me, and I want to write a song about this.” It was very, like, specific moments that happened as I was living, and making the record at the same time. It’s the first time that I really wrote it, and really had strong feelings about what I wanted the tracks to sound like and be like.

I guess it was a big deal then, but a reminder of how ephemeral this stuff is. CAN WE SAY THIS IS THE MOST AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL RECORD YOU’VE PUT OUT? It’s so exciting for me too, to feel confident enough at least to do that, this time around.

Hilary Duff may have kept her relationship with boyfriend Jason Walsh hidden for months, but not anymore!

On Wednesday, the 29-year-old took to Snapchat to share a photo of the trainer sleeping in her bed with his pit bull between them.