Dnsomatic not updating no ip

21 Mar

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Even if you used method 1 on a rooted device or method 2 on an unrooted device, it’s still a good idea to also use this method.

Here are screenshots of various router parental control screens to help you understand what you are looking to achieve: Show Method 3 Guide This method is your last resort if you don’t have access to your router’s settings, or your router is incapable of reliably blocking updates using method 3.

This method routes your Fire TV’s web traffic through a service called Open DNS which can block the domains the Fire TV needs to access in order to update.

The only way to block updates on version and up is to either be rooted and use method 1, or use method 3 or 4 to block updates externally.

If your device is rooted, you should follow method 1 instead of this method.