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This was a field that had hitherto been entirely unoccupied, and the new book covered it so completely that it was at once accorded a prompt recognition and most cordial reception. Began active career at age of 14 in china and glass store of Henry Rivenburgh, Oneida; was with the firm eight years, from office boy to traveling salesman; then went upon the road for George H. Consequently the new reference book soon found its way to the desks of merchants, bankers, manufacturers, and professional men generally; into newspaper offices; to the reference shelves of libraries; and into the homes of the people. ADAMS, Elbert Clinton, steam packings and rubber goods; born, Valley Mills, N. 26, 1869; son of Clinton and Mary (Savery) Adams; common school education; married at Oneida, N. Wheelock & Co., china and glassware, South Bend, Ind., and continued with the firm twelve years; sales manager The Garlock Packing Co., at Detroit, Jan. The smaller type employed makes it possible to print a much larger number of sketches without materially increasing the bulk, as the aim has been to keep it of convenient size, while the division of the page into two columns will be found to facilitate both reading and reference work. 6, 1897, Emma Schulte, of Detroit; one child: Harriet. Began as draftsman and mechanic, at Flint, Mich., with Judge C. Wisner, and assisted in designing and building one of the first automobiles in Michigan; also completed two cars, one air and one water chassis, continuing four years; came to Detroit and was draftsman Cadillac Motor Co. In order that the authenticity of the published sketches may be understood, it is apropos to say, in this connection, that all the sketches in both editions have been written from data furnished by the persons themselves. Has resided in Detroit since he was 2% years of age; began active career with Valpey Shoe Co., 1890, continuing until 1901; started for self, 1901, as H. Ackerman; firm succeeded by Yaeger & Ackerman, Feb., 1903. two years; organized the Reliance Motor Truck Co., of which was superintendent and engineer four years, the company then being sold to the General Motors Co., of which was purchasing agent two years; purchasing agent and assistant manager Kelley Motor Truck Co., Springfield, 0., one and one-half years; returned to Detroit and organized the Standard Motor Truck Co., Aug. To the busy newspaper man, as well as the business man, it will prove invaluable in his work, as by its use he will be able to avoid many exasperating errors when writing in haste about persons with whom he cannot communicate, assured that the information he finds therein is thoroughly reliable. Began practice in Ogemaw Co., Mich., 1897; removed to Detroit, 1899, and has since continued in practice as member of the firm of Abbott & Abbott. The genealogist likewise may consult it to advantage, knowing that practically all its life histories have the authenticity of personal approval. D., Heidelberg University, 1910; married, June 23, 1902, Winifred Comstock, of Detroit; one daughter: Lillia Josephine. Member American Medical Association, Michigan State and Wayne County Medical societies, Detroit Academy of Medicine, American Gastroenterological Association, Northern Tri-State Medical Society. Author: Diseases of the Stomach, 1911, translation (from the German); Examination of the Feces by Means of the Test-Diet, 1906, 2d edition, 1909. Proprietor Leland Light & Power Co., East Jordan Electric Light & Power Co., Williamston Illuminating Co. In every particular the most painstaking care and experienced methods have been employed to make the work as nearly perfect as possible. The new volume cannot fail to give satisfaction to the people of Detroit, who are proud of their beautiful and progressive city, and of the men who contribute to its success.

A large number also have been supplied by newcomers, men of capital and worth, who, attracted by the rapid growth and prosperity of Detroit, have become residents of the city and have entered into its large business enterprises. ABT, Peter Jesse, lawyer; born, New York City, June 8, 1869; son of Peter and Theresa (Holt) Abt; educated in public schools of New York City until 1885; U. Engaged in 13 14 THE BOOK OF DETROITERS practice since 1901; connected with the Detroit United Railway, since Jan., 1910. While prepared particularly for Detroiters, this volume has, in fact, a far wider field of interest and usefulness. Practiced in Detroit since 1889; professor of gastroenterology and adjunct professor of dietetics, Detroit College of Medicine; consulting gastroenterologist, Harper Hospital; house physician, Harper Hospital, 1889-90; city physician of Detroit, 1891-92-93. In this age of the world when steam and electricity have fairly eliminated time and space, the business interests of the entire country, and even of foreign lands, have come into such intimate and complex relations that a dependable biographical cyclopedia of any one of our large cities has necessarily a national as well as a local interest. THE BOOK OF DETROITERS also commends itself to public esteem as being more than an ephemeral publication, whose usefulness departs with the day and generation it represents. It is, in fact, a work of authority on the life records of leading Detroiters of the present day, and therefore worthy of preservation. ABBOTT, Charles Stewart, lawyer; born, Lapeer, Mich., Nov. (Ostrum) Abbott; educated in public schools of Lapeer, Ann Arbor High School and University of Michigan, graduating, LL. John's, Mich., 1894, Merrie Hoover, and was prosecuting attorney of Ogemaw Co., Mich., 1898 -1901. Member Association Bar City of Detroit, Michigan State Bar Association.