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22 Feb

A few weeks ago, Nat West failed to order me a replacement bank card, so I was left without access to cash for two weeks with no local branch.

Instead of closing the last bank in town, why not have a shared scheme where all the main banks share the costs of running one branch?

Perhaps we need to persuade them to make use of surviving branches. I have spent several months to-ing and fro-ing and still feel there is something amiss.

Axa has now paid your son’s claim, but you are convinced that it shifted ground only because you told it of my involvement — and so am I.

Scottish Power admits that your neighbour’s account was wrongly set up, resulting in him being charged for your energy.

He made ten payments of £52.59 towards your bills, but there was some confusion when this money was eventually returned, because two refunds of £262.95 were made.

Payment of the £459 bill you mention was not taken.

The firm said it would investigate, but I still don’t have the correct tickets or a refund.

Instead, it just needed your mother to confirm security information.

Your mother has now been offered a 12-month contract for £19.95 per month with unlimited UK calls for an extra £5 monthly and a free international call boost.

She can also cancel her contract without penalty at any time.

I read in Money Mail last week that if you bank with Lloyds, you can pay in cheques by taking a picture of them on your mobile phone.