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** VERSION 6.30 ** Documentation for Astrolog version 6.30 (October 2017): This file contains a complete list of all the features available in Astrolog, and documentation on how to use each option. This is similar to switches like -HO or -HA below, in that it displays lists of things (objects, aspects, or in this case the signs) that Astrolog uses in its charts.The file is divided into eight sections: 1) Summary: A summary of the program and a list of its features. This switch will also include esoteric astrology information, in that for each sign, listed will be the Rays associated with the sign, the signs standard exoteric planetary rulers, the signs esoteric rulers, the signs Hierarchical rulers, the planet exalted in the sign, the exoteric detriments in the sign, and the planet that falls in the sign.(5) It offers many features not found in most other programs. Option to use any or all of accurate 10800 year ephemeris. If preferred, one can use the -YXG glyph selection switch (described later) to choose the European version of the glyph which is like the glyph for the Moon but smaller and flipped horizontally.- American Astrology, November 1994 -- A list of the main features in Astrolog: Position calculation features: Positions of Sun through Pluto and the house cusps. Positions of True and Mean nodes, Part of Fortune, Vertex, and East Point. Position of Vulcan Positions of the eight Uranian planets. The -b ephemeris files switch (covered later) needs to be in effect to get Liliths positions.

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3) Command Switch Description: The list of command switches and keys is repeated, but after each option is given a full description of the details of the feature. Similar to the -HA option below, the -HO option will list the planets and other celestial objects used by the program, and their index numbers as recognized by the -R switch restrictions.

Every time the command line version of the program is invoked, the -Hc switch is mentioned to use to see this info. The -HC switch will display a list of the 12 signs of the zodiac, and the 12 houses, listing their standard and traditional names.

This help switch displays a full page of credits, listing the names of those who programmed Astrolog or parts of it, and important copyright information and other legal items.

(Looking for a quick display to prove Astrolog was worth downloading and/or compiling? ) 7) Windows Version: Then is discussed Astrolog for Windows, and a description of the menu and dialog interface it offers. Solar charts with objects on Ascendant or Midheaven. Concerning objects the program includes, Astrolog supports the position of Earth in the same way it does other planets.

8) Compiling: Finally is a section on compiling Astrolog if you have the source code files, as opposed to an executable ready to run, as well as how to compile and run Astrolog on the Macintosh. Earth is object number 0, placed before all other objects.