Pregnant after a month of dating

11 Apr

This comes just as People reported the family is thrilled that she never got pregnant with ex Tyga.

On Wednesday Us Weekly claimed Kylie's pregnancy was a surprise. It was added after weighing her options, the star wanted to keep the child as she has such a great support system with her family.

However, at this time, the news remains unconfirmed.

If Jenner is pregnant and Scott is the father, then fans can likely expect the couple to keep their child out of the public eye as much as possible.

TMZ claimed that though Kylie has for years wanted to have children, she didn't do so with rapper Tyga, 27, because they were never truly 'solid.'Though she was more than happy to play stepmother to Cairo, the child he had with Blac Chyna (who is Rob Kardashian's ex). And it was added that while at first the Kardashian family was stunned and worried about the youngest getting pregnant, they are now 'accepting' because they feel Kylie is mature enough.

People added that the family was happy she never got pregnant with Tyga's baby. That included Kim, who was at first stunned, according to People.'Her first reaction was, "Seriously? Kim has two children with Kanye West and is reportedly expecting a third, a daughter, via surrogate in January.

This might have you wondering, how long Jenner and Scott have been dating?

(Bustle reached out to Jenner and Scott's reps about the baby rumors, but did not receive an immediate response.)Jenner and Scott's romance began in April, shortly after Jenner broke up with Tyga.

Now that rumors are circulating that the couple is expecting, it could be some time before they deny or confirm the news.

Because no matter what, her summer romance with Scott appears to be going strong.

Kylie Jenner is over four months pregnant with a baby girl due in February, claim multiple sources. A new report from TMZ shared on Tuesday afternoon claimed to have the answer: the Keeping Up With The Kardashians standout started dating Travis Scott in March or April, instantly fell for him and only two months into their romance got pregnant.

If they treat the pregnancy chatter the way they have treated their personal lives so far, then either way, they may want to preserve their privacy.

It seems to be important to both Jenner and Scott that their relationship remains out of the spotlight.