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Interestingly the supporting swan in the council arms has no collar and chain, it is a free wild bird and as such is representative of the River Thames which forms the southern boundary of the county and defines much of its character.Arguably this unshackled swan, which as noted had been seen in some earlier versions of the Buckingham town arms, might have provided a more dynamic charge for the county flag.

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A stylised collard swan in green is the badge of Buckinghamshire County Cricket Club and the swan appears on this military badge for a county unit Whilst the county’s archery association’s badge seems to be an adaptation of its flag Before the registration of the Buckinghamshire flag an armorial banner of the county council arms had already been commercially available, erroneously styled “Buckinghamshire flag” or “flag of Buckinghamshire”. Although the council arms and the recently registered flag all spring from the same source this specific banner, which includes the yellow panel at the top (chief) and a depiction of Whiteleaf cross, a prehistoric feature in the county, represents only the Buckinghamshire County Council, not the wider county.The same arms were recorded in 1915 in his “Book of Public Arms” by heraldist Arthur Fox-Davies and again in 1953 by C. As in the 16 century report, these are described as red and black with a white swan although notably he does indicate that some illustrations depict the swan unchained. Scott-Giles who writes in his 1953 work on civic heraldry “The swan of the ducal house of Buckingham became a charge in the arms of the towns of Buckingham and High Wycombe…” and continues with reference to the council’s arms “The swan of the Stafford Earls and Dukes of Buckingham stands on their livery colours red and black.” A further reference is made to the fact that a swan was also adopted as a supporter of the shield and “.thus become the general emblem of the County…”, underlining the appropriateness of the swan emblem as the county flag.A modern version of the arms is shown here Just over thirty years later (1948) Buckinghamshire Council was officially awarded arms which incorporated the red and black livery colours of the Stafford Dukes of Buckingham and the famed “coroneted” Swan badge of the de Bohuns. Accordingly the white collared swan and red and black colours found in these county council arms, which had a long standing association with the county, predating the council’s use, were adapted for deployment as the county flag.The Andre Fabre-trained colt finished second in the Coronation Cup at Epsom on his only previous trip to Britain and was …Best Online Dating London graphic design – Here we take a look at the best graphic design … This can be seen with Audi’s new logo and completely …