Wine steam updating

19 Feb

running 32 and 64 bits applications alongside each other), and installing the 32-bit libraries is mandatory to run 32-bit applications on Wine: b.

Adding Wine Repositories to your system This step will configure your system to look into Wine repositories instead of Ubuntu repositories for the installation files.

-- Select the install file to run, Browse to FGWeb Install.exe, Next -- Install Fantasy Grounds --- FG Installer will run --- Agree to terms --- make sure Cross-Platform compatibility is checked and hit OK --- FG Updater runs, downloads everything, installs, then attempts to run FG --- ERRORS COULD POP UP ----- CHECKDEVICETYPE FAILED!

ERROR CODE 16 ----- COULD NOT INITIALIZE GRAPHICS SYSTEM! --- You will return to the Manual Installation wizard --- Choose a shortcut: Fantasy --- Name your shortcut, just keep default is fine, click Next --- Choose I don't want to make another shortcut, click Next - (OPTIONAL IF YOU HAD ERRORS OR SCREEN ISSUES UPON LAUNCH) Configure Fantasy Grounds in Playon Linux -- Go to the list of applications in Play On Linux -- Highlight Fantasy Grounds2 -- Click Configure and Display tab --- offscreen rendering mode readdraw -- Close all windows Run FG from the desktop shortcut, and license it from within. Alternate method posted by Galach ------------------------------------------------- 1.

For example, mine is .wine-prefixes (the “dot” as first character in the folder name will make it a hidden folder – if you do not want it to be hidden, create your folder without it).

Zeus (Dr Zeuss) has done an excellent job supporting and documenting that environment.Since Fantasy Grounds is a 32-bit application, we will create a 32-bit prefix, using the following command: The first time you do that in your machine, some new windows will pop-up asking to install mono and a bunch of other things required to Wine work properly.Accept them all and wait a bit until they are installed.My goal is to create instructions that do not require a user to open a terminal window *gasp.Scroll down for additional instructions for those that prefer to work in the terminal.