Dating gibsoneb2

19 Jan

Are those things sharing a common ground connection? Sometimes it is easy to fish the wiring out to re-hook it up, and sometimes the choke is clipped off, or dug out.

My picking hand was always touching the bridge cover (when using a pick) and that killed the buzz.

There's buckle rash / scratches on the back and there are a few chips to the finish as well.

The repair has been done very well but the re finish less so. There's a fair amount of lacquer checking to the body and back of the neck / headstock.

Ask for John, Gabby, Luke or Norman – and remember we like a swindle or a swop.

The shop is open Tuesday to Saturday 11.30 am to 5.00 pm, or otherwise by appointment. If you are calling from outside the UK the numbers are 00441507 52537850 802219.

The ‘dead’ end of the studio is also excellent for tracking drums and is separated from the main studio with glass bi-fold doors with clear line of site into the main room.

There is also a vocal booth for a further degree of separation.

- Controls: 1- Master Volume 2- Continuous Crossfader ...

Mwnci Studios (pronounced Monkey) is a purpose built residential recording studio found in the grounds of the beautiful Dolwilym estate in West Wales.

The live room features exposed stone walls and a solid french oak floor.

Gibson ES335-type semi-hollowbody bass all original and in good condtion for its age.

There is some play-wear and the nitro finish has plenty of lacquer crazing.