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13 Dec

Peyton looks through the videos and Debby was being fucked by black men in every hole and videos of her masturbating in public places. “All yours.” “Thanks.” Peyton doesn’t take a long shower and walks out in a bathrobe. ” “I guess I just don’t have the same desires as you.” “You just haven’t experienced the same desires I’ve had.” Debby stood, “Good night Peyton, I’ll see you in the morning.” “Goodnight.” Its morning and Peyton’s up before Debby. She runs up behind Debby pushing her into the hallway yanking away the robe and locking the door. “We’re going out to eat and you’re buying.” Peyton changes and joins Debby,. ” Debby looks at Peyton, who’s wearing a purple babydoll dress that comes down mid thigh and finishing off the outfit is women’s Aerosoles wonderling knee high black boots. She yelps to the stinging leather terrorizing her small rump and each strike after fills the room with louder yelps and whimpers. So she chugs until the boot is empty, “Now for being such a good sport I’m going to reward you.” Debby takes out of the bag a string of four apple sized anal beads.

She decides to play a cruel joke on Debby and leaves an empty box in front of the door with Debby’s phone in it. “That’s a surprise.” “I do like surprises.” Debby rents a car and drives off with Peyton asking, what’s the food like? “You gave interest everywhere else except your ass.” Lube is squirted down her ass crack, “Please, not there.” “What’s wrong, I know you gave your ass cherry to the casting director and the casting associate so you could just get the part of Emma.” Debby squirts lube across each bead and presses the first one against Peyton’s anus.

Jimmy pulls out his cock and unloads his hot, sticky cum across her face. James buries his cock into Debby’s rectum and fills her bouls with his cum.

James isn’t going to last long either, Debby’s rectum is wrapping around his dick and her moans are only making him hornier. Debby walks over to Peyton and bends forward with her ass in her face. “Clean out my asshole.” Peyton dips her head forward and suctions her lips to Debby’s asshole.

Every time Debby slams into Peyton’s young twat, she pulls out an anal bead.

“Peyton sweetie I’m sorry but I got a warm your ass up for the boys-” she looks over at the door, “-speaking of which, boys come on in! Walking into the building is three, thirty y/o black men.The cock eases out of Peyton’s mouth and she gasps for air with saliva cascading out of her mouth.“I guess my cock is clean enough.” “Clean enough for what?All of them have ten-inch, two-inch thick cocks that they are stroking and Peyton begs Debby to end this as Jimmy approaches her mouth.“Now Peyton, you better be nice to these gentlemen, they’re here to make you happy.” Jimmy stands before Peyton and she opens her mouth and his cock slides down her throat.